White & Case, UAE
The project consists of an open reception area creating a circulation space with a figure of eight effect. The scheme features open glass, with a high acoustical rating and when in use, the conference and meeting rooms feature active smart glass to provide further privacy.
Key design elements include glass partitions, perpendicular glass acoustic walls and bespoke wall furniture. The use and design of the wall furniture dramatically increases the efficiency of the space, whilst providing further flexibility by allowing one additional partner or two lawyers to work in one room. The inclusion of bespoke furniture has reduced the client’s financial commitment by approximately 40%. Moreover, it has given AAID the ability to create bespoke joinery items that are appropriate to the client’s needs. Each partition wall has a clear storey window which creates the illusion of larger rooms. The repetition of walnut panels pinpoint office entries and locations.
Sector Commercial
Location Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Demise size 11,500 sq ft
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