Gold on 27
The Gold Bar, located on the twenty-seventh floor of the World’s only seven star hotel, flagship building of the Jumeirah Resort, Burj Al Arab. Offering enthralling views towards the marina area of Dubai and beyond. Two existing conference rooms have been converted to one dedicated social, lounge space. The Gold bar was envisaged as a show piece of luxury and affluent materials. AAID worked as the dedicated design team to develop the given concept by Kean Brands into a detailed designed set.
On arrival guests are greeted by a clearly defined framed splayed double door, treated in plated gold to match the interior concept. The main focus in this space is the complex, metamorphic, free-flowing ceiling design which mirrors molten gold. All materials and furnishings are selected to align with this metamorphic concept. Floors and ceilings are carefully specified as natural, heavy stone with reflective grains, polished to maximize light reflection and instill a sense of opulence, these heavy stone elements highlight the fluidity of the ceiling.
Sector Hospitality
Location Burj Al Arab, Dubai
Demise size 3,555 sq ft
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